The Ecolabel

To be eligible for the EU Ecolabel, products must meet strict criteria.

These environmental criteria have been drawn up by a group of experts, including consumer organizations and industry, taking into account the entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to production, packaging and transport to their use and your waste. This protects the entire life cycle and guarantees durability.

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This lifecycle ensures that the main environmental impacts of the products are reduced compared to comparable products on the market.

Usability criteria also guarantee good product performance.

From raw material extraction to factory production to packaging and use, each stage of an EU Ecolabel is monitored to determine where the main environmental impacts of the product occur. The greatest environmental impact of flushing liquids occurs when products are used, when chemicals come into contact with people, when they are released into the environment via wastewater, and when packaging is discarded. The EU Ecolabel minimizes the use of hazardous substances and substances that can be harmful to the aquatic environment. Substances in the products are also biodegradable, so they are less harmful if they end up in the sewer. The packaging is also reduced as much as possible and the usability criteria guarantee the efficient performance of the product. This way you can be sure that your paint is effective and more environmentally friendly.

The label has been awarded to thousands of different products across Europe, including soap and shampoo, baby clothes, paint, electrical appliances.

So the next time you shop and buy paint,

Note the official EU eco-label.

The EU Ecolabel makes green decisions easier.